When you are planning your next great getaway, you have a choice of booking your flights and hotel room on your own or get the help of a Treasured Vacations, your Dauphin travel agent. The latter is the better choice because travel agents can get you better rates on flights and hotels.

Most hotels allow customers to book rooms on their own. But if you want a relaxing and stress-free vacation, then use a Parkland travel agent to do the job for you. We have good relationships with hotels and we use it to provide good room rates for our clients.

Most hotels prefer bookings made by travel agents instead of a third party website. This is because travel agents are better informed about the industry and cause less problems to them. While hotels give out discounts on their online bookings, travel agents get bigger discounts. We pass the savings we get to our clients.

We also provide personalized service to our clients. That way you get to experience the best accommodations available for a given time. We can find something for every budget. And if something goes bad, we will be there to help clean up the mess. We take out the stress away so that you can enjoy your holiday getaway in peace. No need to worry about hotels, flights, transportation options, meals and tours.

  • Group Cruises

    Group Cruises are perfect for family and friends who want to travel together.

    Your group can enjoy all the amenities the cruise ship has to offer on and off the ship along with activities.

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  • Family Travel

    Family travel is the best way to bond with each other while enjoying your time.

    It will also create lasting memories that will be treasured by the children as they grow older.

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  • Honeymoon

    Honeymoon is a special romantic getaway for newlywed couples.

    It is a time to spend quality time with each other as they escape for a break from daily routines.

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