Booking your flight with a Dauphin Travel Agent is the best way to travel when you are on a personal getaway or a business trip. With a travel agent, you can find seats in flights that are not available on online booking sites. We do all the research in order to get you to your chosen destination, which is tricky especially if it involves connecting flights.

We offer service that is faster and more affordable than something you can do on your own. Our fees are reasonable, and we do the entire job for you. That way you can relax or do other things while we fix your itinerary.  

Treasured Vacations, your Parkland travel agent can provides cheaper flights and accommodations. All you need to worry is being in the terminal for the flight on time. We take away the stress involved in planning for the trip and make it as comfortable for you as possible.  

By employing our services, we find better prices by utilizing our skills and make the trip more rewarding for our clients. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will try to find the right flights and accommodations for your next holiday vacation.

We can also help when you encounter troubles during your vacation. We can rebook flights or find another hotel if the first one doesn’t suit your needs.

  • Group Cruises

    Group Cruises are perfect for family and friends who want to travel together.

    Your group can enjoy all the amenities the cruise ship has to offer on and off the ship along with activities.

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  • Family Travel

    Family travel is the best way to bond with each other while enjoying your time.

    It will also create lasting memories that will be treasured by the children as they grow older.

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  • Honeymoon

    Honeymoon is a special romantic getaway for newlywed couples.

    It is a time to spend quality time with each other as they escape for a break from daily routines.

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